Polymer clay is super lightweight and easy to wear even for the most sensitive ears. For many years, I struggled with wearing any kind of dangle earrings and could only wear small studs. Once I bought my first pair of polymer clay earrings, I fell in love and needed more!

In February of 2021 I decided to try my hand at making my own polymer clay earrings and opened my Etsy shop. In the journey of expanding my business, I've participated in local craft shows, launched my own website, made custom earrings for wedding parties and now also sell my products in a local store!

My favorite thing about clay earrings is being able to create wearable art that I can share with the world that makes a statement and is easy to wear.

I'm so thankful for all of YOU for making this dream possible (:


    Polymer clay is a type of modeling clay made from vinyl. It is extremely durable and lightweight, making it ideal for unique handmade earrings.


    Each pair is handmade in small batches! The process starts by conditioning the clay and cutting shapes out with “cookie cutters” or shaping by hand. When ready,
    they are baked in the oven. After they
    cool off, the pieces get sanded and
    assembled into earrings.


    All earrings are made to be lightweight! On a personal note, my ears are extremely sensitive to heavy earrings, so I can honestly say that every earring pair is comfortable to wear. However, if you go for a pair with a big pendant piece, you’ll
    notice an increase in weight.


    Bright, fun, and statement jewelry is
    making a major comeback and polymer clay earrings are rising in popularity.
    Because they are mostly handmade by small businesses, it’s shining a spotlight on ethical and sustainable craftsmanship.

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